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Dining Table
Event Planning 

School/College Trips, Reunions, Company Trips? We've got them all covered. Large group reservations are offered discounts and special packages. Event specific services are also offered to help conduct the event successfully.


Looking to tie the knot soon? Plan a wedding and reception with the resort available exclusively for the wedding. All rooms can be allocated for your guests and the wedding can be held privately in the premises. For the reception, our large outdoor sports ground can be used to create a wedding reception area with the help of decorators. 

Catering is also available with a variety of food options that can be used to create a menu for your guests. Reserve early for better offers and packages.

Business Conferences

Our large conference room with built-in projector and display systems allows companies/organizations to host any meetings or events in an air-conditioned space.

Approximately 150 people can be accommodated. Room charges do not include equipment such as Projectors, Microphones, Speakers etc. This equipment is available at an additional cost.

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